About The Gallimore Trust


What are the aims of the Gallimore Trust?

Victor Gallimore's intention was that his fund should act as a 'safety net' to bolster groups that may be short of funds, to aid others to set up new groups in areas where one is deemed neccesary and to help with unexpected expenses which may face any of these groups. The late Ron Grantham, one of the breeds first rescue workers, oversaw the drawing up of the Trust Deed, following the legal requirements of the will and those of the Charity Commission

The History of The Gallimore Trust

Gwen & Victor emigrated to the USA where they both continued breeding, showing & judging. Gwen actually died in the USA. Later when Victor died he left in his will a generous sum of around £40,000 to set up a trust fund to help with rescuing Staffords. The Trust was founded in 1992 and registered with The Charity Commission in 1993

In 2004 when Frank Chart, another life long Staffordshire Bull Terrier supporter, died, he bequeathed a further £120,000 to the Trust

The original Trustees were:

Ann Gatenby (dec’d)

Ron Grantham (dec’d)

Clare Lee (dec’d)

Vic Pounds (dec’d)

The current Trustees are:

Veronica Brown

Julie Gray

Terri Morrell (Chair)

Lesley McFadyen (Secretary)

With the growth in popularity of the breed, the need for rescue organisations has never been greater and whilst some areas manage to keep within the monies they raise, others, particularly in highly populated urban areas, find it hard to cover all the demands made on their resources.  All Stafford owners will be aware that there are many groups working to rehome unwanted or stray Staffords. The Trustees are therefore drawn from the North, South, Midlands, West & East. All the trustees are people well versed in the breed and who might be expected to have their fingers on the pulse of events within the breed

The Trustees meet a minimum of once each year and keep in touch electronically meanwhile to allocate monies to other rescue organisations where it has come to their attention that they are helping Staffords. Occasionally individuals will approach the Trust to help with some rescue problem they may have. These are all checked with the nearest Club or Rescue organisation to make sure they are really 'bona fides' and every claim must be backed up with receipts etc. All the organisations helped send details of their work and keep the Trustees well informed about their accounts, events etc

The Trust does no 'hands on' work, although all of the Trustees are helpers with one or other of the organisations dealing with Staffords. Trying to spread the help throughout the Country and plugging the holes that others cannot fill is an important part of the work

Trust Donations

Donations primarily go to breed rescue groups but also to general rescue organisations. So for example when we heard of a rescue centre on the outskirts of Birmingham which was dealing with a large number of Staffords, we were delighted to be able to give a donation which was 'ring-fenced' specifically for the neutering of Stafford bitches coming into the kennels.

The Trust is not a closed one and we already have promises of monies from future legacies.   The Trust is, of course, run according to the rules of the Charity Commission.

Retired Trustees:

Julian Brown (dec’d)

Wendy Clewley

Shirley Gray (dec’d)

Steve Simpson

Derek Smart (dec’d)